Tag Heuer and Porsche Team Up

The collaboration:

Delivers that same satisfying feeling of watching those two friends with evident chemistry finally make the leap to “more than friends.”

Heuer and Porsche have been circling each other since 1963, when Heuer first released its Carrera watch.

The watch was inspired by the Carrera Panamericana road race in Mexico—the very same dangerous stretch of road that inspires various Porsche vehicles (and products) that share the name.

The new collaboration makes the long-running flirtation between the two brands official.

The backstory:

Tag Heuer and Porsche are easy bedfellows. For much of its history, the Heuer brand was inspired by racing.

Before the Autavia was a wristwatch, it was a clock built into the dash of race cars, while iconic Formula 1 racers like Jo Siffert and Mario Andretti wore Tag Heuer watches during races.

Brand collaborations:

While fashion brands like RhudeSupreme, and Aimé Leon Dore are starting to embrace the coolness of cars as inspiration for clothes, motorsports and watches have long been intertwined.





The price:

The Tag Heuer Carrera Porsche Chronograph is available for $5,850 on a leather strap or $6,050 on a steel bracelet at the brand’s website now

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