Why guys keep relationship “scorecard’ ?

Ever heard the saying: “dating nowadays is like selling your soul to the devil”?

OK, that maybe a tad over the top, but you get the point. Relationships are super hard. Or people are just weird and complicated. Whatever excuse you go with “it might end in tears” as the internet streets would say.

Why do we care so much about the reason(s) for a breakup? There are million reasons why relationships fail. For some couples, cheating isn’t really a dealbreaker but for many it is.
Let’s call it a couple’s thing – it solely depends on the relationship structure. Every relationship has its challenges, but people only post the good times.

Bro, do you ever pause and be like “I could be the toxic one in my relationship”? Of course, most of us men aren’t “woke” enough to acknowledge our shortcomings. Every second dude is a victim or is damaged by the crazy ex.

We barely talk about unhealthy behaviours that are harming our relationships such “keeping score”. That’s when your partner continues to blame you for past mistakes. It’s the mental record book that gets pulled whenever there’s a disagreement. Only a handful of men would admit of having this toxic behaviour.

It’s always: “she was super insecure, or she couldn’t give me a space to breathe.”

Let’s agree gents, we dig anything that’s convenient for us. We say ‘game on’ to anything that keeps us in position of power. Perhaps that could be the reason most men keep relationship “scorecard”. It’s an immature way of justifying their abusive behaviour “this is nothing compared to the messages I found in your DM.”

Of course, not every guy does this but the ones that do prove that they aren’t really invested in the relationship.

Guys who keep relationship scorecard have no intentions of solving any issues. They just not invested in their relationships. Instead they find pleasure in manipulating their partner into thinking they owe them something. Nothing will ever be good enough for them until they realise how toxic they are.

I can see a guy reading this and be like “this reminds me of my ex.” Sure, some women are like this too. But this isn’t a conversation about which gender is more toxic than the other.

Don’t be that guy. If you can’t compromise or move past something, why not walk away?

The temporary power of keeping scorecard is messing with your vibe. It’s like making
yourself unhappy just to hold someone else hostage.

3 thoughts on “Why guys keep relationship “scorecard’ ?

  1. nunberries says:

    This is really something to ponder about. Alot of men and women are guilty of that type of toxic behaviour. The key is to identify and leave. No use trying to fix something that cannot be repaired.

  2. Marcus says:

    Well said. This article hit the nail on the head. Guys who keep scorecards are cowards. Deal with the ups and the downs and if it doesn’t work out don’t name and shame move on life’s to short to keep a scorecard with the woman you apparently love. Grow up.

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