Looking to smash your goals this new year?

New year means new goals right, well why not make use of a smart watch to help you!

Smart watches are an extension of your smartphone — they receive notifications, answer phone calls from your wrist, allow you to use apps, and tell time. But the major advantage of a smart watch is you’re almost always wearing it.

When you hit the gym, you want real results which means you need to understand what you’re doing. Exercising in the 21st century means that you can depend on more than just the scale and the mirror to track your progress.

These smart watches will help you:

Apple Watch 

Apple hasn’t taken the top spot in our best smartwatch list, but this is the best device you can get if you own an iPhone. It works seamlessly with Apple’s phones, and it’s well worth considering if you plan to stick with the iPhone range for at least a few years.

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The Fitbit brand is synonymous with health trackers, having more-or-less defined this product category. It has consistently updated the software in its products over the years to improve not just step counting, but sleep tracking and heart rate monitoring. What sets Fitbit apart from other fitness trackers is its motivational boosts, which help keep your fitness goals more top-of-mind throughout the day.

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If you’re looking at a Garmin device, it’s likely that you’re interested in something from the Forerunner or Vivo ranges, as these are the main devices that cover most sports and fitness applications. 

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One of the most popular sports watch brand is Polar, the Finnish company known for developing the world’s first wireless heart rate monitor. Polar offers many options when it comes to sports and athletic instruments, and their watches offer some of the best in the industry. 

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    Indeed smart watches make life a bit easy as they allow you perform maximally depending on the task you’re doing. They are absolutely convenient plus they also enhance your look. New year New smart watch.

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