This is How to Escape “Soft Life” Trap

According to The Free Dictionary, the idiom “soft life” means a life that is typified by or filled with ease and comfort, without requiring any hard work, sacrifice, or unpleasantness. This short-lived trend has left many drowning in debt or depressed. It’s the overwhelming power of instant gratification, sprinkled with social media pressure. Let me tell you bro, “issa trap” don’t be fooled.  

Of course, many have embraced this self-care attitude to life, willing to starve themselves to impress the streets. This Instagram life has no champion, no one is really winning it there. The need to live ‘soft’ has affected relationships – if you can’t provide for it (especially men) you’re kicked out of the dating game. All these ridiculous sacrifices are made for that one social media post. So much effort is invested in that caption and the location is everything. 

Of course, no one wants to be perceived as the stingy type. But if you choose not to participate, you have zero street cred. We’re not bashing the “soft life” but what’s the fun if it means sacrificing your sanity? Below we have come up with couple of values to help you avoid this trap.

Know thyself 

Knowing yourself means you’re in charge of your thoughts and you’re your own personality. Bro, don’t be hard on yourself – this journey is only fun if you’re doing it at your own pace. Self-awareness is a practice that everyone can always improve at. Knowing yourself means you’re not bothered by anyone’s instant success. It’s all about defining the “soft life” in your own terms and chasing it your own way. 

Pace Yourself 

Nothing of real value is built over night. If drinking cognac, owning a yacht or flying business class is your vibe – why not work towards your dream? There’s so much pleasure ticking things off your list at your own pace. True success is not only about obtaining things, the hard part is sustaining it. That requires hard work and discipline. Of course, we all want this soft life and we’d love to get it effortlessly but that’s impossible. 

Nothing for mahala

Everything comes at a price. The hours you put it, the savings and hard work will eventually afford you the soft life you desire. Of course, there million ways to cheat your way to the top – unfortunately there are no guarantees. Bro, if you’re willing to work for it then it’s yours, period! The real soft life requires patience and lots of effort. 

What’s the price are you willing to pay for the soft life (whatever that means to you) you want? 

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