Why Let Your Age Affect Your Dreams?

Why Let Your Age Affect Your Dreams? Bro, we’re all doing this life thing for the first time unless you believe in reincarnation ― a conversation for another day.

There’s so much pleasure in achieving things at your own pace. However, society will obviously interfere with your progress.

“Aren’t you supposed to have it all by now”?

The media is also constantly attaching age to any achievement. The headlines always introduce the “youngest” person to accomplish something. It’s either the ‘under 30 millionaires’ or the ‘youngest DJ’ in the world.

The fear of not have settled down by a certain age is considered a failure. The shame of not owning a home is perceived as not being serious about life. Or not being on top f the corporate ladder before 30 is labeled as lacking the “right” skills.

We all need to start normalising doing things at different times. Like changing careers in your 40s, owning a house finally in your 50s or never. Going back to varsity after you’ve started a family. Why cause yourself an unnecessary headache when you’re walking in your own lane.

Realising not all these things are going to happen in the order you previously thought or may not even happen and that’s OK, they don’t define a happy life.

How do you feel about it, eh?

It still a heck of a ride without any of these ‘great’ things happen. Maybe they will happen or maybe they won’t but don’t attach them to a number that’s for sure.

Most people always attach milestones to an age. Their life and happiness to numbers. Bro, at the end of the day the only important question will be, did I live my life to the fullest? I bet your age won’t really matter.

Remember, this is your own journey ― live it at your own pace.

Your wingman in becoming a better man,

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