Random Acts of Kindness

COVID-19 has taught us that nothing is guaranteed. A few months ago we were in the YOLO mood, living our best lives. None of us saw this pandemic coming. We always hear about the terrible rainy days. I bet no one ever imagine such a crisis. The good news is, we’ll adapt and survive. That’s how human species are wired. The unfortunate news is, we can’t just wish the pandemic away. It looks like it’s sticking around for quite some time.


“Kindness is like a seed that when cultivated can grow and grow”RAKtivist


Almost everyone is SBWL (desperately craving) for a silver lining. For some kind of miracle that can make things go back to normal. Thus far, it’s quite hard to look on the bright side or maintain a positive mindset. If it’s not retrenchments, it’s salary cuts. The positive cases are jumping higher in most provinces. The situation is forcing all of us to adjust our budgets and to practice living within our means.


On the other hand, COVID-19 is forcing us to appreciate the small things. I bet no one in their wild imagination ever thought that we’ll miss hugs and handshakes. Are you feeling overwhelmed? Read our previous article –  Forget Everything: This Is Your Life After The Lockdown.


In uncertain times of losing our financial stability ― let’s hold on to kindness. The spirit of ‘ubuntu’ has carried us over the years. It’s the solid foundation of our beautiful nation. Kindness is about putting serving others.The act of gratitude will give you strength to help the less fortunate. As much as the situation if forcing all of us to fend for ourselves ― we can’t abandon the basic rules of giving a hand and serving one another.


Bro, how are you going to make someone’s day more brighter today? It doesn’t have to be anything huge. A random call or a checkup text on WhatsApp.


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Until then stay safe!

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