Best Grooming Gadgets

High-quality grooming goods will not only help you make the most of your morning routine, but it’ll also give you that mega boost of confidence to conquer your day, make moves like a total boss, and even level-up your love life.


Facial steamer

Most athletes hit the sauna after a heavy session, but steam can also do wonders for your skin. To get spa-level results without leaving the house, invest in a facial steamer. The one from Dr Dennis Gross does all the heavy lifting, pumping out micro-steam particles that simultaneously cleanse and hydrate, leaving you looking oh-so-fresh.


Washable detail trimmer 

Unlike wisdom (and finally being debt-free), random tufts of hair sprouting out of your ears and nose are one of the more unwelcome signs of aging. As a general rule, if you can see them, so can everyone else. So get rid. A detail trimmer makes light work of the problem.


Whitening kit 

Ten minutes a day with the whitening kit  clamped between your teeth and the company promises they will become eight shades whiter, thanks to a combination of gel and LED light.


Facial cleansing brush

Cleansing brushes are not at all ‘too-much’ of a gadget dependency for men. It may seem so, but let us inform you, they are as equally important as your deep cleansing face wash. When you apply face wash on your face, it is not capable of removing the dead skins from your faces, cleansing the facial pores and especially invading the facial hair.


Electric Toothbrush

There may not be solid proof that electric toothbrushes do a better job of cleaning your teeth than a regular toothbrush, but why not let the device do all the work for you? Some go even  further with Bluetooth—it’ll connect with your smartphone via an app to provide you with real-time feedback on your brushing habits.


Let us know what grooming gadgets you use in your grooming routine


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