Manbox Reviews & Ratings: Vawter Hard Seltzer

A premium Hard Seltzer that’s light, refreshing, easy-drinking and fun Do you seek a moderate and mindful alcoholic beverage for your choice of consumption? Final Reviews and Ratings: Our manbox members have spoken, the reviews and ratings are officially in and we can’t wait to share them with you! We’ve sent the Vawter Hard Seltzer […]

Manbox Reviews & Ratings: NIVEA Men Deep Impact Face Wash

NIVEA Men Deep Impact Face Wash – Using soap on your face can dry out your skin and cause unnecessary skin problems. Change your game with NIVEA Men Deep face wash to clear away impurities, excess oil & spots. NIVEA MEN Deep Face Wash innovative formula with active charcoal clears away impurities while removing all dirt […]

Are you stuck in a situation-ship? 

There is a myth that most guys prefer a situation-ship than a normal relationship. Apparently in a situation-ship there is less nagging, zero drama and lower expectations. Sounds like a convenient deal, right? If you investigate these situation-ships you will notice that the willing participants are usually the people who have trust issues or have […]

Extreme Energy Blogger Review

Extreme Energy’s new House and Soul sensory music variants are a world first innovation and a chance to experience music in a can. Evoking the same multi- sensory response as listening to your favourite music genre. Follow more Manbox Extreme Energy blogger experiences using #ManboxExtremeEnergy on social media. Below are bloggers who have tested and […]