Experience #LightLiving with Vawter Hard Seltzer

Why not experience #LightLiving with Vawter Hard Seltzer, the drink that offers you the opportunity to balance fun times with responsible choices. Because sometimes you want to work out and sometimes you need to chill-out. Sometimes Vodka, sometimes Vinyasa, but always #balanced.

This range of vodka and sparkling water with infused natural fruit flavours is available in three deliciously-fun, and refreshingly-light natural flavours:
• Juicy Grapefruit
• Refreshing Cucumber
• Zesty Lemon & Lime

• Low in sugar
• Low in alcohol content (3.5% Alc)
• Only 29 kCal per 100ml

Available options:
Vawter Hard Seltzer 440ml 4-Pack (RRSP: R69.95) and Vawter Hard Seltzer 300ml 6-Pack (RRSP: R79.95)

Not For Persons Under The Age Of 18. Drink Responsibly.

Get this refreshingly-light alcoholic beverage that offers all of the Sunday-Funday with none of the Blue Monday. Hard Seltzers offer a unique, easy-drinking alternative to ‘lite’ beers. Light with a bite.

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46 thoughts on “Experience #LightLiving with Vawter Hard Seltzer

  1. makgotatj says:

    Hmmm a drink that offers Low calories and alcohol hmmm I wanna taste and share with my friends
    #ManboxVawter #VawterHardSeltzer #LightLiving #HardSeltzer #manbox #Balanced

    • wynand122 says:

      I agree Dumisile, this looks and sounds like a great new drink. I would also like to give it a try. Might just discover a new drink to help me relax and enjoy time with friends

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