High Protein Ingredients

When it comes to refuelling your body, protein is the word on everyone’s lips. This macronutrient is comprised of amino acids which act as chemical building blocks in your body, working hard to build and repair your muscles and bones. When you workout you’re essentially creating small tears in your muscles. Protein is so highly encouraged after a workout because it comes in to fix those tears, thereby bulking your muscles up and making them bigger and stronger over time. There are over 10000 types of protein found in your body, and it’s important that you keep fuelling yourself with even more! Here are some of the best and easiest to prepare high protein ingredients to add to your next meal or snack!


84% protein

All fish in general are great sources of protein, but tuna is particularly good because it’s low in fat and calories. It also gives you essential omega-3 acids, which are great for your cognitive functioning and cardiovascular health.


75% protein

Chicken is perhaps the most popular source of protein, and that’s probably because it’s so versatile and easy to cook. Make sure to add some to your next lunch or dinner.

Greek Yoghurt and Cottage Cheese

69% protein

These are a great source of dairy-based protein, and some of the richest of the food group. They can both be used in sweet or savoury recipes, so feel free to experiment.


33% protein

Another extremely popular option, eggs are one of the most well rounded foods that there is. The whites are basically pure protein, and they’re also a great source of healthy fats.


33% protein

Veggies are often overlooked when considering sources of protein. Broccoli is among one of the highest protein vegetables, and offers a plethora of vitamins and minerals too. There are even bioactive nutrients in there that can help prevent certain cancers. All the more reason to eat your greens!


31% protein

Lentils are another one of the highest sources of plant based protein, and make a great nutrient-rich addition to any dish. Have them in soup, in a salad, as a side, or any other way you can think of.


15% protein

You might be surprised to know that quinoa is actually a seed rather than a grain. This alleged “superfood” is packed with not only protein but vitamins, minerals, fibre and antioxidants as well.


15% protein

The perfect easy snack, almonds are the best nut to eat for a protein boost. Try having them as a snack next to your post-gym shake.


14% protein

Oats are one of the healthiest grains you can eat. Being super filling and providing you with great sustenance, they’re the perfect breakfast option. Top with some nut butter and chia/pumpkin seeds for some extra protein!

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  1. Jason David S. says:

    Great to know Tuna is one of my favourites. That’s right Chicken is the most popular source of protein and for sure easy to make. I should try Greek Yoghurt and Cottage Cheese in my dishes. I agree Eggs ars also a very popular source of protein. Wow I never knew Broccoli is among one of the highest protein vegetables even though it’s a green that I Love. Lentils is always a good addition to a meal good to know it serves a good purpose. I should get to know how to make Quinoa as we don’t make it in our home often. Almonds are great snack on. Our family should really try having oats for breakfast considering it is super filling. Great educational article Manbox👍

  2. John-Jay N. says:

    This article is very informative. I’ve recently started gyming and I’ve always wondered why everytime after exercises the next day my body becomes so stiff and my muscles so sores. Now I know I need more protein and I understand exactly the type I need. Thnx Manbox for this!!!