The Dad_Active story

#Dad_Active_ stems from a father and son relationship.

“A fathers lack of relationship with a son can cause a man to have a lack of identity and can lead to dysfunctional relationships for years to follow”.

This is a trend families face too often and is passed down from generation to generation.

Through an unhealthy lifestyle my father suffered a stroke, leaving an ex-professional cricketer and all round sportsman debilitated.

I believe the Lord used my Dads stroke to start mending our broken relationship and to heal the wounds of disappointment and take us through a journey of forgiveness.

My fathers biggest regret in his life was that when he was healthy and well, he was not the man he became when he was partially paralysed and dying… although the last few years positively changed my life, who knows what potential we could have reached knowing what we knew earlier in life…

#Dad_Active_ was started to encourage men to live healthier, bolder, courageously and above all to love unconditionally and relentlessly , so that our sons can follow in our footsteps and have a positive and eternal impact on their relationships and communities.

I believe we all have God given gifts and talents. With these gifts and talents we have been called to a specific purpose.

I believe my purpose is to be an advocate to men.

So with my gifts and talents I would like to live out the #Dad_Active_ story with courage, boldness and confidence just like my Dad.

By: Garon Kleinveldt

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