Locked Down and Working Out

Bro, it’s Day-9 of lockdown! We’re slowly getting there…

In today’s installment of ‘How to Thrive in a 21-Day Lockdown, and Emerge and Better Man’ we’re talking about ways to keep fit during lockdown.

Surely we don’t need to explain the value of staying fit, bro? Oh, alright then….

Regular physical activity improves your muscle strength and boosts your endurance. Exercise also delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues, and helps your heart work and lungs better … blood and air, bro, they’re essential for daily life.

Daily exercise will ensure that you emerge on the other side of lockdown as a better man! Got it?  Good!

But there is a problem, bro.

The Manbox crew searched the web for hours, and all the lockdown fitness videos are cra… erm, horrible.

Look! If you’re in REALLY desperate need of some fitness inspiration and education, then click here

The article in the link offers an assortment of four different fitness videos to ensure that you lockdown is worked out.


We would love for our masculine leaders of fitness to rise up and show us how to stay fit at home – Mzansi style!

So we’re throwing down a challenge:

We are looking for the BEST at-home-no-with-fancy-equipment-workout video!

The Prize

In addition to possible fame and fortune – who knows, maybe you even end up on the Kelly Clarkson Show  – we’re offering each of the creators of the BEST THREE videos a Manbox hamper valued at R500.

This will be delivered to you after the 21-days of lockdown.

Post the video on social media and tag us (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) and use these hashtags #manbox #lockdown #emergeabetterman. 

Of course, you’ll get bonus points for being entertaining!

The competition closes on the last day of lockdown (16th April ) and we’ll announce the winner on the 17 April.

That’s it for today, champions!

In tomorrow’s instalment of ‘How to Thrive in a 21-Day Lockdown, and Emerge and Better Man’ will be sharing the uplifting music

Stay safe, brother!

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